Dear Sleeping Sister . . .

Dear Sleeping Sister . . .

When I heard that you were in crisis I instantly felt a burden to pray. I still do. I’ve been talking to God about you. He’s watching over you and knows exactly what you need. He’s here for you. I’m certain of this.

I understand what it feels like to struggle to the point of nearly losing all hope. God was there for me. His love would not let me go. His love for you is no different.

God’s love is brooding over you. His love brooded over the Earth when He was about to shape it into something beautiful. He didn’t want our planet to stay formless and void. He is so creative and mighty. He wants the best possible outcome for every corner of the universe. Our souls are no exception.

Sister, God has a best outcome for your soul and for mine. Can we trust Him enough cast our entire being upon Him? Will we believe He’s willing and able to “perfect that which concerns” all of us? Can we risk it all to let Him “conform us to the image of His son”?

People getting divorced often cite “irreconcilable differences” between them as the reason for filing. Sometimes a marriage crumbles so badly it would take a miracle to repair it. The miracle would be two willing hearts. I’ve never seen a situation where two willing parties can’t find a way to reconcile with one another.

God has a willing heart. He wants to be reconciled to each of us. He sent His Son to die a horrible death on the cross. That sacrifice made it possible for us to be justified and atoned for and covered with the righteousness of the only sinless person in history – Jesus Christ.

If you are willing to reconcile with God, it will happen. I’ve seen it happen in my own life.

Reconciliation has layers.

When I’m willing to stay in the center of God’s will, I feel drawn to the other people who stay there too. The quality of your relationships with other Christians is easy to measure if you take inventory of your relationship with God. The way you feel about Him is the way you feel about anyone who has His Spirit living in them.

The Book of 1 John explains this in detail. That epistle is like a mirror that shows you what your heart looks like. “Awake up, as is right, and sin not.”

If God is my #1 priority and my first love (and I have a clear conscience and want to obey His Word), then any problem or challenge I have is manageable. I can see my part and my function as a member of Christ’s body. I can live in peace with my brothers and sisters. We’re all on the same road. But if other things begin to overtake the #1 spot in my heart, then problems with God’s people start popping up everywhere.

I’m learning to measure everything in my life by where God ranks on my list of priorities. 

Grace and peace to you, Lisa