God Is Where You Left Him

God Is Where You Left Him

Sometimes people think God abandoned them. Or He’s ignoring them and doesn’t care about their circumstances. Admittedly, I’ve hopped on that thought train a few times, too. When problems persist — or get worse — it’s tempting to wonder if God stopped paying attention to you.

I’ve learned, though, that any inconsistencies I perceive between God and myself are not faults of His. Scriptures tell me He is a rock of stability, omnipotence and permanence. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He cares about the big and the little things in my life. His eye is on even the sparrow and He hears every thought I have.

I’m the one who varies and wavers.

When I can’t find God, I have to retrace my steps. He didn’t go wandering off. I always find Him at the place I last encountered Him. God is right where I left Him! Maybe I stumbled at one of His commandments or let doubt leak into my mind. Sometimes the cares of life get distracting. I may float off on a raft of selfishness. Or of impatience.

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? Yet My people have forgotten Me days without number.  Jeremiah 2:32 (KJV)

Once I return to my senses and mend my broken fellowship with the Lord — by confessing my faults — He forgives me. We pick up where I left off. If I veered away because I didn’t want to obey (like Jonah), peace flows like a river again if I follow through. What a wonderful, merciful Savior we have!