Love. And defilement.
All undiscerned.

My enemy rubbed my feelings between his hands,
And snarled them into a horrible ball,
That he flung against the wall too many times.

So dizzy was my heart,
So without its bearings.

So paralyzed.

Before me sat a ball of twine,
Knotted and tangled in a mess.
I couldn’t unravel it . . .

. . . Without you.

Slowly, I watched you work
Until I could see each end.

My eyes tried to follow where they led,
looping, turning, twisting.
I couldn’t keep track.

With steadiness and patience in your hand those knots surrendered.

You straighten and separated.
You loosen and unbunch.

I see what this is now, all unwound.
A single, long thread of love.

The defilement was never mine.

My sovereign, Lord, I thank you.
I praise you unceasingly.

No longer am I afraid to touch it,
To take hold of it and let it lead me
Where you have ordained it to go forth.

Would that it end up at your glorious salvation!