Father’s Day 1999

You are to me a treasure box,
And in wonder do I gaze
At the riches beyond description
Whenever the lid is raised.

Wisdom sparkles and shines at me,
God’s truth — so bright and clear,
His Word in your heart in abundance,
So much that I hold dear.

Every word of love you speak to me
Gets etched upon my soul.
I clasp it here and on it lives;
Your treasure becomes mine to hold.

I’m thankful for what you have given me
And what still lies in store.
Eternal grace, eternal love.
Indeed, my house shall never be poor!

Epilogue: My father passed away less than a month after I gave him this poem for Father’s Day. Mark Sheagley lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at age 56. I miss him but am so grateful for his legacy of faith in God.